Just finished making our PSA for SMH! Here it is!

We faced a lot of challenges throughout the production of the commercial.  My group wanted to create a PSA that was creative, sensitive, and memorable- but it wasn’t easy getting all three.  Our concept changed drastically from beginning to end, improved by the critiques of our professor and our peers. We learned about the importance of subtle, yet unconventional approaches through sound, for example. (Adding in the heartbeat helped a lot!)  We also learned about the importance of conveying a clear message to our audience.  At one point, we almost wrongly implied that the subject of our PSA was only stressed, or that her favorite restaurant was serving less food!

At first I was indifferent about the subject of our PSA project being about eating disorders, but working on this project sparked some personal interest.  It encouraged me to do some research on my favorite website for social networking, Tumblr.  I searched anorexia on the site, expecting to find some grotesue pictures of skinny models, but then I realized this was not just Google Images.  This is a site where people add all their own opinons and thoughts.  I was disheartened by the overwhelmingly negative posts about body image.  I also discovered a tag called “Pro Ana”, a phrase which stands for pro-anorexia and consists of multiple posts supporting and endorsing the disease.  Knowing the wide range of ages that use Tumblr, the reality of eating disorders finally hit me. I hope our contribution to the PSA contest makes a difference.

To take an anonymous, free survey to see if you have an eating disorder go to http://mentalhealthscreening.org/locator/collegeresponse.html