Our assignment was to think of someone we can write about, not a biography but a profile of someone who represents a trend, lifestyle, or idea.  After all, everyone has something interesting about them.

When given the assignment a person immediately popped into my head. My friend had told me about coworker of hers in the CFA admissions office, Mike Champ, who has a band called the Bynars.

I did a little research on Mike and the band and wrote a brief bio of them to get some background information.


Mike Champ is the drummer for The Bynars, an up and coming pop-electronic band in Boston, MA.  The band appeals to the huge student population in the greater Boston area. They have been playing shows since 2008 and have a show in Cambridge next month.  To connect with their fans, the band has their own website with frequent blog updates as well as a myspace, twitter and facebook band page with over 1,000 likes.  In just the past month, the band has raised enough money entirely from fan donations to begin an eagerly anticipated music video for their track Every Little Thing You Love.

What struck me about their progress was that the money they raised was from entirely fan donations. It got me thinking about how bands today have much more access to connect to their fans, if they make the effort. Keeping this thought in mind, I began to think of questions to ask Mike when I meet with him on Tuesday for our first interview.

More on my progress next week!