This past week we all discussed our leads and nut grafs in class. Here it is so far:

“After walking in circles around the second floor of the College of Fine Arts at Boston University I finally found Mike Champ waiting for me outside the office of admissions.  He greeted me warmly and shook my hand, and then unlocked the door to his office and let me inside.  Mike and I began talking about our mutual friend and almost right away about music and bands.  When I set up my computer to record the interview, he seemed a bit uncomfortable at first, but became more at ease when I started asking him questions about his band. Throughout the interview, Mike modestly spoke of their success, and shared what he enjoys about playing and connecting with his audience moving his hands excitedly as he spoke.

 Mike Champ is the drummer for the Boston Synth-Pop band the Bynars; if you don’t follow up and coming bands, you may not have heard of them yet but Mike and his band members are gaining popularity by connecting with their audience through social networking, redefining what it takes to make it in the music industry today.” 

I read mine aloud and was happy to receive some constructive criticism. I learned that I need to take myself out of the lead, so I can only focus on Mike. Also, I need to elaborate a bit more on Synth Pop music to inform my audience and I also need to focus more on what inspired me to write about Mike Champ and his band; they can now produce a new music video funded entirely by fan donations.

Here is a link to their blog post about reaching their goal for the music video funding, very exciting!